Stump Grinding

Suring, WI

Are you in the Suring, WI area and looking for a service skilled in stump grinding or tree removal? Come see us at Bear's Tree Service. We are experts at jobs like stump grinding and tree removal. We specialize in all things related to trees. We will remove them from your premises, trim them, prune them, remove stumps, and brush and grind your stumps for you. Once we've finished the job, we'll make sure your property is as clean and pristine as when we first arrived. Whether you have a job that requires tree removal or stump grinding, always leave it to the professionals. These kinds of jobs can be overwhelming for the non-professional. We are experts at handling trees, so give us a call. We'll take care of any issue you want done. Are your branches taking on a life of their own, blocking windows and roadways? Let Bear's Tree Service stop by, trim them down and remove those obstructions from your view. Our crew is knowledgeable, professional and always punctual. Whatever the job, we'll get it done and cleaned up for you in no time at all. So, if you need firewood, logging, stump grinding, tree removal or trimming, just give Bear's a call. We're a 24 hour service. Sometimes trees can put you in an emergency situation because of a storm or a traffic accident. We're here when you need us. Bear's Tree Service has a 24 hour emergency service so call us at any time of night or day. Remember: No job is too big. No Job is too small. At Bear's, we do it all! Pick up your phone and give us a call, we're always ready to serve you. When you call us, we'll come out and give you a free estimate. Our prices are reasonable and we will always leave you happy with our service.